Cath Kidston modern vintage bags

It all started when Cath Kidston received an order of fabrics which were already made into duvet and pillow sets. Cath turned them into aprons, cushions, hangers, and all things useful which marked the beginning of the now famous brand. The principle of creating functional and pleasing things remain true today as can be seen in pretty Cath Kidston bags designed in line with her English heritage.

The collection

Cath Kidston designed bags using delightful and dainty floral prints like the Antique Rose and Bloomsburg Day Bag. Fruit prints are also available such as the cheerful Wild Strawberry Day Bag in blue. Cath also branched into different types of prints like the popular spot, star and cowboy prints.

  • Backpacks

Soft-shaped handbags from the designer are available in different prints. Take the pretty Spot backpack or the imaginative Trains Backpack. There’s also a charming Mini Cowboy Foldaway Nylon Backpack for lovers of unique designs.

  • Handbags

Clearly, some of the best-selling pieces from the Cath Kidston line are women’s handbags from totes to bowling bags, all with lovely and dainty prints. Made in different sizes and shapes, you’ll find the right piece to suit your needs whether you need extra room or just a small space to carry essentials.

  • Messenger bag

The messenger bag is also a popular item from the Mini Dot Navy Pocket to the Spot Cross Body Bag. Adjustable straps are included for convenience. Perfect for freeing the hands from holding a purse, these bags are easily slung across the body. Cyclists and shoppers will find these bags roomy and also easy to carry in addition to the obviously beautiful designs.

  • Shopper bags

Shopper bags from Cath Kidston are very practical where you can just slip in everything you need. Robust and sturdy, these beautiful holdalls are ideal for transporting or storing files and books and everything else. Take a peek at the OilCloth Book Bag or the Foldaway Shopper Bag to see what we mean.

  • Travel bags

A delightful range of travel bags are on sale from wheeled suitcases to weekend bags, each piece carefully designed and beautifully made with the imprint of Cath Kidston.

More than bags

Currently, Cath Kidston bags are available for sale in 59 stores across the UK and Ireland while there are 54 shops serving Spain and the Far East. CK shops not only sell bags, the successful brand also addresses a ‘full lifestyle’ offering accessories, homeware, and clothing for women and children.

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