Casual snow boots: ideal for the winter

Casual snow boots: perfect for winter wear

If you intend doing any outdoor activity this winter, protective footwear is essential and what could be better than casual snow boots?

No matter where you end up for your outdoor activities this year, whether that’s indulging in some high octane winter sports, or simply enjoying the wonderful British countryside at a time when the rolling hills are blanketed in snow, casual snow boots offer comfort and warmth.

Naturally, snow boots are seen as fashion items at the ski slopes and snowboarding resorts, and while these come in many wonderful shapes and sizes, they can prove to be expensive. Casual snow boots demonstrate it’s possible to have full protection for your feet, at a cost that won’t do too much damage to your bank account!

Where to track down casual snow boots

If you’re looking for casual snow boots that tick all the boxes – comfortable, hard-wearing, waterproof,stylish – but most importantly, affordable, then look no further than George (www.direct.asda.com/george/clothing).

Grey and black padded snow boots, with a hook and loop tape fastening system, are available at a bargain price of £12.50 (delivery within 2-3 working days, £2.95).

Try Tip Top Shoes (www.tiptopshoes.com/UGGs) if you’d rather go a bit up-market in your search for casual snow boots. If you get in quick enough, they are having a limited clearance sale of ultra-trendy UGG snow boots. With savings of up to 80%, you’ll be able to secure you chic casual snow boots for only £45.

Check out more alternatives at Pavers snow boots.

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