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Casual prom dresses UK are simply pretty  dresses without the fuss and formality of the floor length gowns! There is no such thing as a casual prom dress but there are dresses that are fun without being overdone and these are the kind of dresses you can wear again on an evening out so you really get value for money! While it would take a brave soul to go clubbing in a princess style ball gown, there wouldn't be a shortage of girls hanging out in pretty ballerina style prom dresses or even column style models.

When you start your online search for a casual prom dress you might find goddiva.co.uk useful. Here you can sign up for a discount as soon as you enter the site so you're saving money from the start! You can look through the 4 categories of dress until you find the one that suits you.

For an asymmetric bow evening dress you can expect to pay £45. This dress would be considered to be more of a cocktail dress so it would be suitable for special events even after the prom.

This site takes its inspiration from a lot of celebrity style, so for £55 you could be wearing a maxi dress in the style of the outfit Cheryl Cole wore to Cannes!

Keeping it very simple but bang on trend means spending £38 on the contrast bustier corset dress. This dress will be suitable for any evening events and still be suitably classy to wear for the prom!

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