What are Casati handbags?

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If you are au fait with fashion terminology you will know exactly what Casati handbags are. For the rest of us mere mortals out there, Casati handbags are a style of bag adopted from the style of fashion icon Marchesa Casati and reproduced by bag designers and fashion houses including bags made by the Casati fashion house.

Anya Hindmarch is one such famous bag designer who has created bags inspired by Casati. Her Casati handbags let the wearer enjoy the retro look of the 1970s while still looking modern and chic. This particular purse is made out of incredibly soft and highly durable patchwork goatskin which wears very well and gets even better with age. The shoulder bag is very roomy with plenty of space for all the necessities that belong in a woman's handbag and has a spacious front pocket which is great for easy access. The bag has a strong shoulder strap allowing for either shoulder or across the body carrying.

Casati handbags designed by the fashion house of the same name feature the strawberry pink leather clutch purse. The bag has a zip fastening with extra fold over magnetic fastening for added security. The front of the bag has a studded detail with a distressed finish. There is a zip compartment inside and the famous Casati logo. The bag also has a detachable wrist strap . This bag is the ideal size measuring 14cm by 29cm: ideal for an evening event or a wedding. It is large enough to hold all the important items without being so big that it appears bulky and cumbersome. Casati handbags are not always easy to find but they are so beautiful that if you do stumble across one, you should snap it up.

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