Carrie's mammoth shoe move

The streets of New York are alive with high heels tapping, fabulous outfits swishing, lipsticks popping, and cameras whirring - and that can only mean one thing; Sex and The City the sequel is here. Hurrah!

Looking as insanely fashionable as always, it seems our Carrie Bradshaw has made a shoe move of vital importance: Christian Laboutins instead of Manolo Blahniks. Gasp!

In two key scenes, Carrie can be seen sporting two rather delicious pairs of Laboutins; a pair of glittering Pigalles which she teams with a white Halston Heritage vest dress; and a pair of Gina-T straps, teamed with the purple number seen in the photo.

Ms Bradshaw also sports a maxy pink Sylvia Drapey hobo bag (we love the name) as well as a teeny tiny, Chanel clutch both of which gives the Laboutins that extra kick. Completing the look are two stunning necklaces made by Solange-Azagury-Partirdge - our new favourite jewelery designers.

These are just two of a whole wardrobe-full of Carrie's outfits, we're expecting a whole lot more fabulousness when the films hits the bigscreen. What do you think, like, love, want, need?

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