Carrie Bradshaw: the early years?

Rumours are abuzzin' this morning that a new Sex in the City movie could be in the pipeline, with a brand new face in the starring role. According to Vogue, there are suggestions that SITC author Candice Bushnell's novel The Carrie Diaries might transfer to the silver screen as a prequel to the movies and TV series.

The big name being whispered in the corridors of gossip towers everywhere for the role of young Carrie Bradshaw, is Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. According to the New York Post, Blake is being considered for a role in a new movie by Sex in the City 2's producer Michael Patrick King, and if that movie is successful then another installment, called Summer in the City, may follow.

Blake's agent has said nothing about the rumours, and all the reports have so far been denied by other sources, so this may be all just a case of wishful thinking. But the casting would make sense - Blake has impeccable fashion credentials and she can act. Plus, we want it to happen. So there.

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