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Carpisa have such a great range of wearable bags. There is only one hitch though - where can you get them if you can't get to a store stockist? Fortunately you can buy Carpisa handbags online with ease and speed!

Although Carpisa is a new-comer in the fashion world and only having its 10th anniversary this year they constantly research what make for the best bag. At the moment they offer totes, wallets, suitcases, briefcases, handbags and fashion accessories like belts. They opened their first store in Napoli and it's where they have their headquarters today.

Even though Carpisa are only ten years in the fashion market they are now regarded as the leader of leather goods in Italy with over 500 stores countrywide and then 35 stores in other countries. Carpisa themselves do not host an online store and so pose the question: where can we get Carpisa handbags online?

And the answer is eBay of course. You will need to check the Carpisa website to look for your model and you can browse through their collections to do this. Also remember their logo is a turtle with Carpisa embossed below - so check this for authenticity. Always buy from a 'top-rated seller' on eBay and from someone who has a reputation or track record in selling similar products.

When shopping for Carpisa handbags online on eBay insert 'Carpisa' into the search tab and then choose 'Abbigliamento e Accessori' (Clothes and Acessories) to yield as many results as possible. 'Borsa' is a handbag and 'Portafoglio' is a wallet or a purse. Good luck shopping and remember you're not just spending but brushing up your Italian too!

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