Carpisa bags: 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection

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Carpisa’s new 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection is very snappy and varied, and as usual the Italian manufacturer offers a wide range of models– from handbags to coordinated accessories that fashion lovers will simple fall in love thanks the very affordable prices.

The new collection’s ad campaign was shot in the breaktaking and fascinating ancient town of Matera – famous for its sassi (rocks) and where Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ was also filmed.

Every season Carpisa manages to offers numerous and elegant day bags with a strong character, but they also have romantic and bon ton models, and this year have also added sporty camouflage printsfor those who prefer a much bolder and eye catching designs.

There are hobos, satchels, feed bags, totes, backpacks, baguettes and messenger bag models, which means there is a wide selection of styles for everyone .

The color palette ranges from black to brown, to taupe and ocra and also gray and burgundy (which is the ‘in’ color this season), but the 2013 -2014 Fall and Winter collection also features vibrant colors like red, purple, electric blue and fuchsia that can brighten up any woman’s mood on a drizzly and cold day and we particularly like the brand new and elegant British racing green shade.

The Italian label also features belts and wallets that match the same hues and details of the vast collection of bags and they also have scarves and key rings and umbrellas.

In the luggage department Carpisa is offering the three different size trolleys, dubbed the Tattoo, which allows you to customize your new suitcase with a photo, a drawing or even a favorite phrase.

Prices range from € 22.90 to € 99 for the real leather hand bags and the tattoo trolleys go from € 89 to € 109 for the larger size suitcase.

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