Caroline Winberg behind the scenes

Caroline Winberg has been chosen by Naomi Campbell to co-star with her and Erin O’Connor on British version of TV show The Face. Famous for her campaigns for Dolce&Gabbana, Versace and Valentino, Caroline also appaered on seven international Vogue covers in her 12 years of brilliant career. But satisfactions like these also mean hard work and sacrifice. Meet Caroline Winberg, the sexy blond icon that could have been a footballer ...

Top model at 16

Caroline Winberg was born in Sweden in 1985. The eldest daughter of six children, she grew up in the Stockholm suburb of Sollentuna. As a teenager, Caroline was a real tomboy who played football with the junior side of AIK Solna, spent her evenings baby-sitting her younger siblings, and didn't feel pretty or desiderable in the slightest. A career in modelling was nowhere near her thoughts, rather focused on totally different directions: football, science, becoming a teacher (like her mum) or an accountant, surviving her first broken hearts. Nevertheless, a very tall, skinny, pale and blond girl with piercing blue eyes doen't go unnoticed by a modelling scout, not even in Sweden! That's how she ended up, in her teens, on the catwalks the world over.

Her teenage wasn't like her peers, it was hard work and solitude at times, but also jetsetting, working for the top brands, earning a fortune. And if life has been busy and her innocent youth deprived of sweet things such as 'getting wasted and flirting with the boys' on Greek islands, well, after all, it was probably worth it. Because that was only the beginning of a rock solid career. At 18 she moves to New York, soon becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel and modelling for Mario Testino, amongst others. Six years ago, it's in NYC that she bought her home, even though she can rarely spend few weeks in a row there. Once a year, however, Caroline manages to go and see her family in Sweden. When in London, she stays in South Kensington or Borough.

Diet or gym?

None of them! Caroline Winberg is simply a very active woman.Of course, mother nature provided her with exceptional features and wow factor: 180 cm tall Caroline boost a 85-61-89 bust-waist-hips combination. But she does a lot to keep this fit. She loves surfing, snowboarding and skiing, playing tennis and, of course, football. In her spare time she enjoys SoulCycle and Pilates classes but, she explains, she doesn't like the gym, and she absolutely hate diets: they make her depressed and irritable. In order to stay healthy –and that means beautiful and in her correct weight- Caroline simply practices the activities she loves, and always encourages others to find their favourite sports and practice them, rather than following painful diets.

Model Info and Measurements

  • Born: March 27, 1985 in Sollentuna, Sweden.
  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Measurements: 86-61-86 (EU)
  • Dress size: 2

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