Carolina Herrera inspired by Kinetic Art Movement for her 2014 Spring/Summer collection

Carolina Herrara’s highly sophisticated 2014 Spring and Summer collection debuted at the Lincoln Center for the 2013 New York Fashion Week.

The Venezuelan born designer doesn’t miss a single fashion beat with this new collection, that was inspired by the Kinetic art movement, and two Venezuelan artists who are associated with the Kinetic and Op Art movement, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto.

Herrera reigns in the ‘art that involves motion’, first using geometric motifs on a large number of models that she present, using striping and lines to give a mesmerzing optical effect, and it was liberally applied on the long and swirling chiffon and organza gowns.

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The second kinetic effect was layering the fabrics, giving the stunning and almost perfect silhouettes that seemed to move by themselves as if floating in the air.

It's the reaction of two layers — I find that this is totally kinetic," Herrera said in the post-show interview. "It creates its own movement."

The gowns and dresses in the collection were luxurious, feminine, elegant and sophisticated, and some of the silhouettes were embellished with sparkly jewelery and appliques.

Herrera put to use the optical effect over a bikini, with a flowing open skirt with a high sashed belt in a striped pale green and white and a matching crop top with ruffles, but there was also a shorter version of the same style, always over a bikini.

A long waisted hour glass corset over a long skirt also made its appearance, as did some more casual daywear.

The color palette was basically black and white, but Herrera also painted in shades of muted gray, clay, green and purple into the collection.

Celebrities like Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Molly Sims, Dita Von Teese, the R&B singer Ne-Yo, Christina Hendricks and "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery flocked to the Herrera fashion show.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL New York Fashion Week 2013: Spring/ Summer 2014 Shows - Photo Gallery

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