Carine's off to Barneys

As the editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld surely had one of the most enviable jobs in fashion. She was regarded as one of the industry's most influential women, and a fashion icon in her own right. So when she left the magazine last year to pursue 'other interests', all eyes were fixed on where she might go next.

Until now, there has been very little in the way of actual facts so the fashion community has done what a community does best, and create gossip. Will Carine go to Dior? Will she go to Yves Saint Laurent? Well now it seems the answer to those rumours is definitely 'no'. Carine is going to Barneys.

According to Vogue (and we guess they would know), Roitfeld will style and edit the US store's ad campaign, as well as the New York flagship store's windows. She says: 'It's very exciting. It's a new kind of project for me. It's good to have a new life, because now I can do projects that I never dreamed of before. For me, Barneys has always been the biggest name in luxury department stores, so to be able to participate in this project with them, and be visible during the next fashion week in New York, is my dream come true. To a French girl, it's a big, big dream.'

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