Carine Roitfeld + vodka = high fashion

Carine Roitfeld is undoubtedly our favourite fashion editor type, she has none of the icy froideur that makes US Vogue chief Anna Wintour so dull, nor the mumsiness of Alexander Shulman, the British ed. Carine left French Vogue last year, amidst rumours that she was pushed, and has just given her first interview since her departure to the FT, where she talks about why fashion has become dull, and her love of hard liquor.

Roitfeld told the FT, 'I don’t have vodka at lunch…It will be around 8pm when I go home that I will have a little shot. It’s my Russian roots.' Finding a shot of voddy is apparently 'a problem at fashion parties.'

Carine lamented the decline in glamour and decadence at fashion shows, saying, 'It’s less fun than it was 10 years ago…I liked the times when people were more crazy about fashion, they tried hard with the clothes they wore, they were so excited it was like the royal wedding – they could sleep outside the show…[Now] some people are more interested in what stylists are wearing to the show than in the show itself.'

Zut alors, fashion types - pull your socks up and start chanelling decadence!

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