Carine Roitfeld: documentary tells all about the French Vogue editor

The upcoming Carine Roitfeld documentary tells all about the former French Vogue editor. There is no date yet when it will be released, but Screen Daily reported that a sneak preview is scheduled during the Cannes Film Festival. Roitfeld, a former fashion model, served as the editor of the prominent Vogue magazine for 10 years. She turned in her hat as editor to pursue other interests. Launching her own magazine, CR Fashion Book, took a lot of her time. Carine, known for speaking her mind, is already making waves. The first issue of the magazine featured a topless girl in revealing poses showing the sides of the boobs.

She has this to say of CR's concept: "I will always be irreverent in my own way, but I will try to use new approaches. I've used a lot of cigarettes, a lot of sexy pictures, a lot of naked girls. I will try to do something totally different now, because I don't want to get bored of myself or to bore my readers. So, if I learn something new today, I will use it. I have to reinvent myself."

When asked about her opinion of Vogue, she said, "Vogue is a very beautiful magazine, an institution, and I learned so much working there. You can't put yourself into competition with a magazine like Vogue; you have to create something new,something different."

The magazine will be the focus of the documentary Mademoiselle C, featuring in-depth interviews with big names in the fashion and design industry such as Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella, Versace, and Tom Ford. The documentary is also set to tell the story of the personal journey and career of Carine, including a momentous occasion in her life - that of becoming a grandmother. Daughter Julia, a Tom Ford Black Orchid signature model, will soon give birth. With so many things headed her way. Carine’s life is one exciting world.

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