Cara Delevingne locks lips with Sienna Miller after white powder scandal

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Cara Delevingne rocked the show yesterday at the 2013 Met Ball, mingling with the most influential people in the business after making a grand entrance arm in arm with Mario Testino. Only few days ago she dropped outside her house a small plastic bag containing some misterious white powder right in front of the paps, and considering the damages suffered by Kate Moss in the immediate aftermath of the 2005 drug scandal, we were wondering how Cara would have handled the matter during her first public appearance since it happened.

The popular model is yet to release a statement about the incident, and at the glitzy Costume Institute annual Gala in New York Cara was seen embracing her 'bad girl' moment by locking lips with actress Sienna Miller, who by the way was wearing an almost identical studded outfit and sporting a similar haircut too.

Her dismissive attitude towards the white powder scandal is quite understandable, in the crazy world of fashion things often work in 'mysterious ways'. Take the Kate Moss scandal: when pictures of the model snorting cocaine emerged, she was immediately dropped by seven companies including Chanel, Burberry and H&M. However, one year later, her declared earnings of £2m doubled, showing that after all, when her agent was telling clients that "all press is good press", she was right.

Cara Delevingne's was seen chatting away at the Met Ball in the company of Burberry's Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, which can be taken as a sign of the little effect the white powder incident will probably have on the model's current engagement as the face of the brand's Body Tender perfume.

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