Cara Delevingne for La Perla rocks Valentine's Day 2014

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If you are after the ultimate collection of underwear and lingerie for Valentine's Day 2014, look no further: sophisticated and elegant fashion brand La Perla, one of the leading labels in the industry, presents us with a fantastic range that well suites the woman that wants to be as sensual and risqué as the the dancers of the Moulin Rouge this Valentine's day.

It doesn't matter if the proudly Italian La Perla does not offer a capsule collection specially dedicated to Valentine's Day 2014: indeed, everything a woman may desire, and more, is already included in the brand's fabulous seasonal collection.

La Perla Spring Summer 2014 collection was launched in December 2013 with a breath-taking advertising campaign featuring the lingerie label's three gorgeous ambassadors Cara Delevingne, Liu Wen and Malgosia Bela. The stunning shoot with hot British model Cara Delevingne' striking a series of sexy poses in black lace lingerie has quikly become a trendsetter for the season, and we can't help thinking that, with such gorgeous lingerie, any woman would look just awesome.

So for this upcoming Valentine's Day consider the option of relying entirely on the new, eye-catching garments from the glamourous spring summer 2014 collection. Otherwise, just browse through the lovely goods that this sophisticated brand has to offer: after all, lingerie is not affected by the season, it's more a matter of taste rather than fashions and trends.

PHOTO GALLERY Cara Delevingne for La Perla rocks Valentine's Day 2014

All of the lingerie produced by La Perla is simply wonderful, on offer are a wide choice and very refined outfits made ​​from the finest, most prestigious fabrics and lace, each design studied and finished in every detail. You can buy bra and panties or create personalised outfits by adding boyshorts, thongs, Brazilian briefs and then wrap dresses, negligee, suspenders and everything you want on top of that ... The prices are pretty high, but it's definitely worth it!

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