Cara Delevingne best outfits: off duties and on the red carpet

Cara Delevingne is currently the world’s highest-paid model, and her shot to fame was fast and withering. We analyze her best outfits in this article.

Signed with Storm agency in 2009, Cara landed a first modelling job at the all British ASOS, soon to be spotted by Burberry who cast her in their Spring Summer 2011 campaign, shot by Mario Testino. At the tender age of 20, she practically stole every catwalk at fashion weeks worldwide, from London to Milan, from Paris to New York, until, as a consecration of her unique, fabolous beauty, she took part in the legendary Victoria’s Secret show.

What is most impressive about this young and successful model is that she appears to not really care too much about her beauty. Or at least, not when she is off duty.

Because her work involves looking awesomely slicked and wearing pretty uncomfortable stuff, Cara in private life declares war to anything too complicated and impractical. In fact, she is renown for her refreshingly pared-down, relaxed and confident dressing code, which perfectly matches her quirky personality.

It is maybe an extra talent of hers, but Cara seems to be able to throw on any pair of jeans, a worn out tee and a tomboyish beanie hat, and still look stylish. Needless to say, her couldn’t-care-less fashion attitude got her tons of attention off the catwalks.

However, when Cara dresses up for a red carpet event, that's it, she's dressed to kill: remember Delevingne in that Burberry lacy black gown at The Great Gatsby premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May 2013? Well, now you know what I'm talking about.

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Truth is that with the feline, icy stare, underlined by heavily shaped brows and the highest cheekbones ever, her slender body and fluent blond hair, Cara will cast a spell of drop-dead-gorgeousness on you, whether she is wearing a Burberry suite or a bomber jacket and joggers.

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