Cara Delevingne and Cole Smith star in Saint Laurent's 2013-2104 Fall and Winter ad campaign

Can there be anything like overexposure in the modeling world? Apparently not, as top model Cara Delevingne is absolutely everywhere, from runways, ad campaigns to red carpets and now is the star of Yves Saint Laurent’s (do we really have to call it Saint Laurent now?) 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection.

The 20-year old British modelis no doubt the most photographed face and body on the planet at the moment and she is certainly seems to be Kate Moss’ heir apparent, as no one seems to be able to resist that face, with those strong and spectacular eyebrows, snub nose, and part aristocratic bearing, mixed in with edgy rock ‘n’ roll looks and a kooky personality.

After fronting numerous campaigns including Yves Saint Laurent’s “Baby Doll” Campaign and their ad for the new mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll from the collection with the same name, the renowned French fashion house also picked her up for their new Fall and Winter collection.

Photographed in Los Angeles last April by Saint Laurent’s creative director Hedi Slimane, who also curated the styling, he had Delevingne posing looking uninterested or shall we say rather depressed – experts prefer the terms ‘evocative and intense’ - in this upcoming season’s YSL ’90s grunge-inspired clothes.

In the typically YSL black and white photo shoot with just a smidge of color here and there, also present was Cole Smith, DIIV frontman and Sky Ferreira’s boyfriend, who seemed just as uninterested in the whole glamorous shoot, but his music is featured as the soundtrack for the ad.

Slimane also used Marilyn Manson for Saint Laurent’s 2013 Pre Fall collection along with Courtney Love, Ariel Pink and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon for other ad campaigns, continuing with the brand's tradition of merging the world of fashion with rock 'n' roll, so you now get Smith's involvement.

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