Can’t They Just Air-Kiss And Make Up?

In what appears to be a playground fight of giant proportions, two major fashion brands have parted ways after allegedly having a ‘giant falling out’. Selfridges will no longer stock Dolce & Gabbana as of next spring, according to the Telegraph, because they are ‘unable to accommodate’ them.

D&G have remained tight-lipped about the alleged bust-up but Selfridges have issued a statement saying ‘We constantly seek to improve the diversity and presentation of our brand portfolio and address the demands of our ever-evolving fashion and accessories departments. To this end we have found that we are unable to accommodate Dolce & Gabbana and D&G in our mix going forward.’

Apparently D&G didn’t take kindly to Selfridges’ decision to move the lines' in-store positions. An undisclosed source, discreetly described by the Telegraph as ‘the co-owner of one premium brand’ said: ‘They have had a giant falling out and flounced off. I'm sure they will kiss and make up when they have cooled off. They'll have to.’

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