Cannes festival frocks: it's all getting a bit frilly

Another red carpet, another set of celebs looking gorgeous yet bridal. Why must stars always equate awards with matrimony? At Cannes, Kate Beckinsale wore the ceremony staple Marchesa, while Eva Longoria chose off-the-shoulder Pucci. Russell Crowe caused a rumpus by insisting that his entourage be given the whole of the VIP area, resulting in fellow celebs being turfed out into the rain. Oops!

Ever modest Kate Beckinsale told the Daily Mail, when asked how she maintained her youthful glow: ‘I don’t know, I’ve just got off the plane from LA and I’ve had four hours sleep. I’m exhausted. I’m on the jury this year which means I have to go and watch two films a day. Then I’m flying back to LA to start work on my next film.’ We're saying nothing.

Anyway, we're feeling pretty smug because we got to the end of the story without saying 'yes we Cannes!' Oh bugger...

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