Why not try a pair of Camper shoes this season?

Camper shoes are made as the name suggests by the company called Camper. It is a family owned business since 1975 but which has origins in Mallorca in the 19th century with a gifted cobbler. Camper is now the main shoe manufacturer and retailer in Spain with outlets in London, Paris and Milan: the fashion capitals of Europe. There are also outlets in many other European cities, Asia and the Pacific Rim, North America and  the Middle East.

With footwear for men, women and children, Camper shoes are held in high esteem worldwide. This season's range includes luxurious materials such as suede, velvet and rich soft leather to make sure that feet not only look good but feel good and warm as well. Buckles, lacing, studs and straps all make an appearance as do many different autumnal colours and styles.

You can buy Camper shoes from the www.camper.com website.They don't come cheap however: expect to pay in the region of £285 for a pair of detailed leather ankle boots. If you prefer to try before you buy, you could visit the shop in London's Covent Garden and see how they suit you.  They are also stocked at Jones the Bootmakers either in store or via the website www.jonesbootmaker.com.

You may be able to find a good deal on last year's range of Camper shoes by visiting the Sale section on the Camper website or through the auction website www.eBay.co.uk, especially if you are happy to buy used or factory seconds models.

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