Calzedonia's stunning 2013 Swimwear collection

Calzedonia isn’t known only for their eclectic hosiery, but also for super stylish swimwear.

Their stunning 2013 Swimwear collection has styles and models for every body shape, whether you have a small or large bust, whether you're thin or slightly overweight, the brand has something for every woman.

The Italian fashion label presented their 2013 Spring and Summer collection in show dubbed "Forever together,” in Rimini, an Italian beach town located on the Adriatic Riviera.

Over 3000 guests from all over the world, including fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, were treated to a magnificent fashion show that was accompanied by dancers and live music from singers like Simona Molinari, Planet Funk and Ke$ha who performed her hit song Die Young.

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Divided in capsule collections called Shades of Coral, Beauty of the Shores, Cast Away, Shine in Every Color, Echos of African Paradise and Sportive Attitude, you’ll find an array of beautifully styled bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and trikini's dubbed with names of women, in cool looking sorbet colors, to bold and bright solids, blacks and whites, earth tones, but also very pretty florals.

Very interesting is their 50’s style inspired models, that you’ll recognize right off because the bottoms have high waists, very high waists, almost one-piece swimsuits that offer the maximum coverage, and if you like the retro style and want to look like a modern day Esther Williams, these styles are for you.

Particularly beautiful is the electric blue trikini swimsuit, that is very sophisticated, with its bands that crisscross in the front and back, but you'll need a perfect body for it, and the model is more for sitting under a beach umbrella sipping a cocktail than tanning, unless you like weird tans lines.

Very pretty is the two-tone one piece swimsuit with a deep front cut out called Florinda, - there’s also the same colors in the bikini model - but the one-piece is perfect for a quick dip in the sea or pool and that way you can avoid any bikini accidents.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Calzedonia's stunning 2013 Swimwear collection - Photo Gallery

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