Calzedonia swimwear new Spring Summer 2014 collection

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The long awaited for Spring Summer 2014 Calzedonia swimwear collection is about to land in all the stores: bikinis, trikinis and swimsutis that will accompany us during the summer months at the sea, the pool and on vacation. Calzedonia is one of the most interesting brands in the field and its swimwear collections are always eagerly awaited and besieged by women of all ages.

For the moment we can offer only a preview because the brand has not yet released the complete collection lookbook and photos of individual models, but we had the opportunity to peek into the backstage of the new campaign with the beautiful top model Sara Sampaio.

The photographs were taken in the beautiful island of Antigua in the Lesser Antilles, a little paradise in the Caribbean, where time seems to stand still and nature is magnificent and unspoilt. Sara Sampaio posed for highly rated fashion photographer Raphael Mazzuco, who in the past has already worked with Calzedonia but also with Calvin Klein and Guess.

The leaked preview pictures all show gorgeous swimwear: basic in turquoise bikini with bandeau bra, sexy trikini in a beautiful fire red and bikinis adorned with a flowered print and other by a cascade of rhinestones, glitter and sequins. The colour palette is wide and versatile, ranging from turquoise to cobalt blue, emerald green to lemon yellow, to pink, fuchsia and orange and then red carmine.

PHOTO GALLERY Calzedonia swimwear Spring Summer 2014 collection

Waiting to find out the complete collection let's enjoy our sneak preview picture gallery.

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