Calzedonia Spring-Summer 2014 collection: all the new trends

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Calzedonia new collection Spring- Summer 2014 is currently being launched with a beautiful new catalogue featuring gorgeous model Emily DiDonato. With leggings still a hot trend in every season, and skyline tights rocketing sky high in 2014, we foresee a great spring and summer for the Italian brand specialised, indeed, in leggings, tights and swimwear.

Calzedonia presents a collection that offers a wide range of trends to meet any need and desire. The Summer Dream line features tropical atmospheres, with the play of light and colour unquestionably evoking a summer beach style. Inserts neon pastel and the timeless polka dots define the details in the classic lines. And the Palm designs on printed background create a very special sunset effect in all the gorgeous shades of tropical sunsets. Sporty cuffs and glitters mx up for a fit-glam look that, together with the floreal prints, create the perfect designs for a California dream collection.

Natural and dusty colours feature instead in the Pastel Playlist range: here silk, grey and cigar nuances dominated the collection, together with pastel pink, yellow aqua, for a fresh and romantic mood. Innovative details using perls, macramé, tiny satin roses add a chic touch to the trend.

Denim and Tattoo tights look like they will be the real must-have in the upcoming Spring Summer season. In the new Calzedonia collection the denim look comes with prints reproducing washed and chiaroscuro effects. In particular, a predominant effect used is the stonewashed and bleached. Also flowers, polka dots and ethnic patterns prints give jeans a new and fresh appeal.

PHOTO GALLERY Calzedonia Spring-Summer 2014 collection

But it's the Tattoo trend the real star of the Spring-Summer 2014. An eye-catching decor, played almost like a second skin, a super-trendy accessory that highlights the legs. The Tattoo tights combined with boots or sneakers are perfect for the urban street look, while choosing pumps and heels define a glamorous style for special occasions. Hearts, jewelry and romantic designs are just some of the trends in this rich collection full of fashion statements that won't go unnoticed.

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