Calzedonia's 2013 Swimwear collection for kids

  • Calzedonia 2013 kids summer collection

Italian label Calzedonia doesn’t just manufacturer hosiery, underwear and swimwear for men and women, but they also have a great beachwear collection for kids, especially for little girls.

Calzedonia offers cute little bikini’s and one piece suits for little princesses that will be as pretty and trendy as their moms, who will also choose to wear Calzedonia swimwear this 2013 Summer.

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What is the color that little girls simply adore? Pink, naturally. Everyone knows the phrase ‘pretty in pink’ – which wasn’t just the name of a movie - and obviously Calzedonia cashes in on this color in several variations of the nuance, without forgetting a color like blue, that is the quintessential color for beachwear.

Calzedonia has several prints to choose from in their 2013 Kids collection, like stars, tiny stripes, adorable Vichy checkered prints, but also hearts, anchors and one bikini also has a skull and crossbone motif, which is an adult fashion trend, that is also contaminating kids wear, but in this case it isn’t scary at all, because it has pretty pink heart shaped eyes instead of empty dark orbits.

The models range from bikini’s with the classic two straps, but also bandeaus with neck straps and one even has one shoulder, that directly copies womens swimwear. The briefs are either with strings, low risers, with or without ruffles or culotte style.

There are also two stylish one-piece suits, one with a colorful tie-dye print and another has an optical black and white print with red details, and both models are also fine for that little girl who also likes to swim.

The fabrics are high quality and more importantly dry out fast, which is real time saver especially when you’re on holidays.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Calzedonia's 2013 Swimwear collection for kids - Photo Gallery

Calzedonia also proposes two cover-ups that can also pass as pretty and smart dresses, and a casual grey one-piece tank top and shorts jumper that is perfect to wear while heading to the beach or pool.

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