Calvin Klein A/I 2009/2010 featuring Eva Mendes and Jac Lands

Calvin Klein has released the first images of their new PR campaign for the 2009-2010 Autumn Winter collection, and it's all about Eva Mendes. Mendes and Irish model-singer-actor Jamie Dornan feature in the CK Jeans and CK Underwear ads, while 15 year old Polish model Jac Lands – formerly known as Monika Jagaciak – has been chosen for the other CK lines. Steven Klein is the master behind the lens for the Mendes series, while David Sims shot the rest of the Calvin Klein Collection featuring Lands.

Photos of the A/I 2009/10 Calvin Klein Underwear and CK Jeans with Eva Mendes by Steven Klein

Photos of ADV F/W 09/10 Calvin Klein Collection with Jac Lands by David Sims

Mendes was at the centre of the much talked about Calvin Klein Secret Obsessiontelevision advertisment which was banned in the US last year. Lands, on the other hand, caused controversy at last year's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, when she was banned from the catwalk for being too young. Hermès apparently didn't agree – the year before she starred in the French luxury brand's campaign at just 13. Calvin Klein Creative Director Fabien Baron says Lands and Mendes represent the two faces of the modern CK woman: austere on the outside, irresistible on the inside.

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