Calling all aspiring fashion writers

Have you always dreamt of sashaying through the glass doors of Vogue, a la Anne Hathaway, Prada briefcase in hand and a million story ideas running through your head? Well Vogue Experience might be for you. The event, co-hosted by Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and fashion writer Lisa Armstrong will allow aspiring writers to ask questions and learn about the process of putting together the most fashionable (and elitist) magazine in the land.

Sozzani told Vogue, 'Vogue Italia's aim is to actively support the creativity of fresh talent, thus helping to build up a new generation of designers, photographers and stylists able to play a dynamic role in the world of fashion. London is a lively, inspirational city, and I am very happy to share this experience with those who live here and those whose ideas and creativity have made a huge contribution to the fashion system in its broadest sense.'

To register for the next event at Harvey Nics in London on June 8th, go to www.vogue.it

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