How to choose the right cabin sized bags

Travelling is not as easy as it once was. With the tightening on security, you have to go through several checks and inspections the moment you step in the airport. Even cabin sized bags are not exempt from scrutiny. Therefore, having the right cabin sized bags make a big difference. You go through a security check quicker. Moreover, you will feel more comfortable by limiting what you carry and avoid inconveniencing fellow passengers as well.

Practical tips when buying cabin sized bags

1. Check the dimensions of the bag

IATA regulations state that cabin sized bags should respect these dimensions:

length - 56cm

width - 45cm

depth - 25 cm

Although these figures are not mandatory for airlines to follow, most airlines work within this range of figures. When shopping for bags, make sure that the dimensions follow IATA regulations. The tags on the bags usually have this identifying info. In other cases, it is also written on the tags that the bags are airline compliant.

2. Look for bags with handles, straps and wheels

Handles on bags make it easy to lift them on and off the conveyor belt for scanning. You'd be surprised at the kinds and sizes of machines at various airports all over the world.

Wheels are also convenient. It is easier to drag your luggage around than carrying it. In addition, you can even put a purse or a laptop bag on top of it which makes it handy for those long walks while getting to your boarding gate or leaving the airport.

3. Find an expandable bag

There are cabin sized bags that are expandable and therefore, affords the possibility of more room for your stuff. While you are bound by weight restrictions (7 to 10 kilograms for most airlines), there are bulky things that you can fit in your luggage without making a significant change in the overall weight. An expandable bag is also practical once you get on the ground for all those papers you have on hand that won't fit in your purse.

4. Buy a bag that you can put away easily

A bag that folds when not in use saves spaces whether you're in a hotel room or at home. However, these types of bags have usually soft fabrics and may not give the protection to sensitive items that you are bringing. On the other hand, hard case trolleys are secure when transporting things but they cannot be folded for storage purposes.

5. Check materials, zippers, pockets, and the possibility of locking the luggage

Although it is customary to put your hand carried bags in an overhead cabin above your seat, there are times when this is not possible. Therefore, locking your bags is always a good idea to avoid losing things and to prevent theft. Check that the luggage is of a sturdy material and lockable by padlocks. Zippers should close smoothly. If possible, get a bag that repels water, a feature that could be handy for those rainy days when you're out waiting for a taxi or the bus.

Smart travel tips

Airline and airport regulations vary from country to country. Before taking cabin sized bags for hand carrying, make sure to check with the airline for compliance. Note that weights are also restricted when it comes to hand carried luggage and again, this varies from one airline to another depending on the route, aircraft type and class fares.

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