Catherine the great

Kate Middleton has found herself well and truly in fashion’s good books after a very well received visit to North America with Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly took 30 costume changes for the royal couple’s big tour, mixing some of her favourite labels such as Issa London and Reiss with clothes by UK, American and Canadian designers including Erdem and Roksanda Ilincic.

Kate…sorry, Catherine… impressed Canadians by sporting a white stetsun and gold maple leaf brooch whilst visiting a rodeo in Calgary. According to the Calgary Sun, the couple caused minor offence by not immediately wearing the hats given to them by the mayor, but quickly corrected their social faux pas later in the day: ‘The couple examined the hats appreciatively, but to the disappointment of the crowd of about 100 waiting fans they didn't put them on before disappearing in their motorcade’.

Despite her new Royal status, Kate still remains loyal to highstreet brands such as LK Bennett and isn’t afraid to recycle a look that works for her. The Huffington Post seemed particularly impressed by her frugality, writing: ‘We were reminded yet again of why we like this royal so much: Catherine loves a good wardrobe repeat. She wore her Sebago boat shoes twice, her J. Brands at least three times, black LK Bennett wedges twice and those nude LK Bennett pumps a minimum of five times.’

Sadly, outspoken voice of lunacy Liz Jones at the Daily Mail took umbrage with Kate’s decision to wear Prada shoes, which she found ‘unpatriotic’. At which we point we all exchange bemused glances and quietly back away, lest she try and impart any more of her sartorial wisdom upon us.

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