Get Bvlgari sunglasses 8016b on sale

Those who know fashion will be immediately familiar with the name Bulgari (written Bvlgari), the Italian creators of some of the finest jewellery in the world. Founded in Rome back in 1884, the company steadily built its reputation for providing discerning customers with some of the finest jewellery known to man, before expanding their product portfolio in the last century to include not only jeweller, but also watches, sunglasses, accessories, fragrances, hotels and resorts and skincare products.

The Bulgari Group now comprises of a total of forty two companies throughout twenty four countries and employs more than three thousand eight hundred and fifteen highly experienced staff members, whose job it is to uphold the traditions of the company and provide expert knowledge to their customers and clients.

Despite being a predominantly European based company, the majority of Bulgari's income comes from Asia (a total of more than forty five per cent), while the United States counts for thirteen per cent, the Middle East just under seven percent, and the remainder is spread throughout Europe, with the Italians being the biggest single nation consumer of Bulgari products, bringing in just over eleven per cent of their total annual revenue.

Their sunglasses certainly reflect the high standards of the company, with many ranges featuring Swarovski crystals adorning the frames to give an overall feel of sophistication to the sunglasses.

While they are traditionally quite expensive, the Bvlgari sunglasses 8016b often come on sale on certain websites, despite the fact that the 2008 line was recently discontinued. These gorgeous sunglasses are comprised of both metal and plastic, and feature a glossy finish embellished by beautiful Swarovski crystals.

It's certainly worth keeping an eye out for them on sale online, because nothing says high status quite like them!

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