Buying après ski boots

To get good Après ski boots, you must know what to look for. Here we offer some suggestions on what to look for in a good pair of snow boots that are not only warm and comfortable, but stylish as well.

Comfort is Key

You want a pair of snow boots that you can wear for hours on end without your feet complaining of sweat, cold or any other discomfort. Check if the shoe has proper inner lining that will not kill your feet with friction or aid them in the development of a sweaty squelch. The boots should be made of a nice soft material that will allow your feet to move freely. Go for those with a nice suede exterior.


When it comes to women’s snow boots, styling is paramount. The Après-ski will have the who-is-who in social life and perhaps a few celebrities. You cannot afford to look less than your best. Choose a pair of Après boots that will match the outfit you will be wearing. Avoid garish colours and preferably go for black boots. If possible, shop around for a rare design or limited edition boots that will not be common fare all over the Alps or wherever you go on your ski holiday.

Price Tag

On amazon.co.uk you can find a pair of very decent après-ski boots for as little as £30. Another place you can check is ebay.co.uk. It is important to start your bargain hunting here, as you will get a general feel as to how much the boots will likely cost you. Here you can also find good condition second-hand snow boots that you might like. Other sites worth looking up are bargainboards.co.uk and ski-west.co.uk. These sites not only offer Après ski boots, but a lot of other gear that will be useful for winter or your ski holiday.

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