Where to buy football shirts in London

If you love football and would like to buy football shirts in London the next time you are in the city, take a look at places where you can get good deals. As you probably know, football shirts are not really cheap but if you know where to go, you can still get reasonable prices without paying a fortune to wear your favourite team's jersey.

Where to go

Below are some shops that sell football jerseys:

  • - Lillywhite stores (lillywhite.com)

Located next to the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, Lillywhite carries sportsgear and official football shirts. You can also check out their online store. Find shirts worn by teams of the Premier League, Scottish League, Football League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Primeira Liga, and even international teams. A Nike Man U Home Shirt costs £49.99. There are also shirts for as low as £29.99. The Nike Arsenal Away Kits 2013 2014 Mini costs £31.99. Fancy wearing the goalkeeper’s jersey? That’s available too for £54.99.

  • - Football grounds/ stadium

You can also buy football shirts in London at the football grounds where clubs have their stores. For example, Arsenal and Chelsea have shops at the football grounds so you can have those shirts and memorabilia on hand, albeit at a higher or same price as street shops.

  • - Adidas store (discover.adidas.co.uk)

Located on Oxford Street, you can have a selection of football shirts worn by Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Men’s Germany Home Jersey will cost you £60 while the kids’ version is £42 and women’s £55.

  • - Nike (nike.com)

There are 3 Nike stores in London: 14 Neal St, Westfield London Shopping Centre and 236 Oxford Street. A Nike Squad Training Shirts cost £22 while hooded jackets cost £50. Get the Barca Collection such as the 2013/14 FC Barcelona Match football shirt for £90 or the FC Barcelona Squad Midplayer for £50.

Sports Direct (sportsdirect.com)

Sports Direct has a large selection of football shirts almost similar to those sold in Lillywhite shops. A Liverpool jersey will cost you from £31.99 to £49.99. The Warrior Liverpool Third Shirt 2013 2014 Long sleeve costs £41.99. You’ll get replica shirts, kits, training wear, gloves and jackets of your favourite team at this shop when you buy football shirts in London.

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