Buy fancy dress costumes for kids

Children adore pretend play and they thrive in acting out roles and characters with their peers! Dressing up should not only be relegated to Halloween or Carneval times, and indeed more and more kid's birthday parties opt for a fancy dressing code. Some children even dress up to play around their own house, and educator advice we should support this kind of payful attitude. Iti s a delight to see our child progressing as they play, and even supermarkets now stock on fancy dress all the year around. But how do we find the best deals? Here we look at some ideas and places to buy fancy dress for kids that are constructive for their playtime and don't cost the earth.

New or second hand, in stores or online

If you are looking to buy a fancy dress costume for kids, you may want to look in the second hand market first.

Especially for kids, that grow fast, fancy dress costumes don't usually get to be worn out, and sometimes you can find very good deals in local charity shops. Oxfam and Barnardos, to name a few, usually have quite a large children section, but it really depends on the size of each shop. If you are not sure about charity shops in your area, try doing a postcode search at the following link:


Or you can always google the name of your favourite charity and use their websites to find out the closest shops to you.

For online bargains, Ebay is worth trying of course. You can start from their dedicated page at this link:


If you are not registered with Netmums, is definitely worth doing so. Register with your local branch and gain access, amongst other useful things, to their nearly new section:


Talking about nearly new sales, check the NCT website your next local one by inserting your postcode and selecting the type o f event:


Supermarkets and highstreet stores offer a good selection of fancy dress costumes at reasonable prices, but if you want to avoid the obvious we have selected a few online solutions.

For a wide range of styles and ideas try Delight.co.uk Here is the page dedicated to their career costumes:


Find a fantastic range of discounted fancy dress costumes at Altered Image:


Lastly, for the cutest and most original animal fancy dress costumes for baby and toddler, check Angel Fancy Dress:


Or visit, if you are in London, visit their shop in 199 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8AE.


Join in the fun

Now that you've made your choice why not join in the fun? The kids would love it and, admit it, you would love it too!We're sure if you look hard enough around the house you will find a number of useful garmet to make up a fancy dress costume for some healthy pretend play with your children! In fact, thinking about it, you could buy fancy dress for your kids, or you could make them, at a fraction of the price. And by involving the children in the process, it's a garateed full day of fun! Good idea for bank holidays... Enjoy it!

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