Buy Dior snow boots online

Shop online for Dior snow boots and find the best deals and the lowest prices. Search online for retailer who stock Dior snow boots and ship tp the uk.

Saksfifthavenue.com is a US store but delivers to the UK although delivery times may be up to two weeks in some cases. They are currently stocking women's dior ski boots. They have one style of boot matching this description in stock right now. They are a black, round toed boot with lace up detail and a padded insole. The boots retail at $540. This price does not include delivery charges to the UK.

For UK stockists, Selfridges.com is the best option for Dior snow boots. Although thy do not list Dior clothing items online, Selfridges stock dior snow boots in-store and they retail at around £450.

Bluefly.com is another United States based stockist which delivers world wide. They currently list one pair of Dior snow boots in their range. They are a grey and black boot with fur an pom pom detailing. They are currently listed at $424, down form their usual retail price of $530.

For similar items to Dior snow boots, try a site like knockoff-chanel-shoes.co.uk. This site sells items which are non designer but similar to the most recent items on the catwalk. Their imitation Dior snow boots come in at only $147 per pair and the site ships world wide. Note that they do not claim that the boots are Dior, the simply produce similar items.

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