'Must have' butterfly sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses are stylish pieces of eyewear that never go out of style. They are big, providing adequate protection to the eyes and come in attractive designs, colours, and shapes. In addition, butterfly sunglasses can be used whatever the season from a bright summer to a cloudless day on the ski slopes.


Prada makes wonderful sunglasses that shield the eyes. In addition, they are stylish and timeless pieces lasting through the years. Take the Light Havana sunglasses with a butterfly rim and tortoise shaped frame and you’ve got a winner. Or, consider the Prada 680S with its grey lenses and vibrant red colour suitable for daily wear adding a touch of retro glamour to your clothing and accessories.


These oversized sunglasses are embellished with rhinestones and the Givenchy logo is prominent. They are fitted with gradient lenses and suitable for any outfit that you want to wear. Look chic while at the same time feminine in a pair of Givenchy butterfly sunglasses.

Dolce & Gabbana

From black to silver frames fitted with grey lenses, D&B glasses are available in attractive colours such as yellow, silver, purple, gold, fuchsia and silver. They feature butterfly full rim and offer 100% UV protection.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is one of the big names when it comes to eyewear. His collection of butterfuly sunglasses is a cornucopia of stylish eyewear from Islay Brown and Whitney Black to Ingrid Yellow and Red Gradient and Calgary Tortoise. Choose from several lenses that fit your style and taste. Pinks, blues, purples, browns, blacks, and greys are there for the picking.

Victoria Beckham

Perhaps, the most famous icon who wears butterfly sunglasses to this day is ex-Spice girl turned designer Victoria Beckham. Get that famous VB butterfly sunglasses with its blue lens and butterfly shape. Its modern design gives a contemporary and glamorous look.


Large sunglasses in different colours of lenses can make you look glamorous and stylish. From browns and blacks to reds and purples, Gucci sunglasses add glamour and the wide frames balance a narrow profile.

To buy or not to buy

Indeed, butterfly sunglasses are here to stay. From small to extra large frames, they are suitable for any occasion and will beautifully complement any outfit. The question is, are you willing to pay good money for quality sunglasses or will you just pick any that suits your fancy and style?

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