Try Butterfly Hair Accessories to Update Your Look

Everyone gets tired of their look every now and then, luckily sometimes all it takes to update it and add spark is a simple little accessory. Butterfly hair accessories can be that simple little accessory. They are romantic, chic, cute, delicate, and fun and come in a variety of ways to show them off. Here are three ways to wear butterfly hair accessories to update your look in minutes.

Butterfly Hair Bands

Headbands are back in style with a passion this year and the new designs are everything from bold and daring to chic and romantic. When choosing a butterfly hair band, consider what you will wear with it and your hairstyle.

Short hair can pull off a Gold Metal Butterfly Side Headband from Topshop easily. Longer hair would look fabulous in an oversized butterfly on a strappy band like the Margit Brandt Headband at welikefashion.com.

Butterfly Hair Pins

Hair pins are the easiest to wear and butterfly hair accessories are the most fun to play with. With hair pins, you can go classic chic with pearls and rhinestones or have fun with metallic fabrics and jewels.

To wear butterfly hair accessories easily to formal events, choose butterfly shaped pearl or jewelled hair pins. A pin just using the outlined shape of a butterfly creates a delicate look to the hair accessory and a chic look in the hair.

Butterfly Hair Combs

Hair combs are so versatile, it is no surprise that so many love to wear them. And, when you combine the comb and butterfly, you end up with perfect butterfly hair accessories.

Choose your combs carefully because you will have a hard time deciding between the rhinestone, the pearls and gold, and the big tulle and satin butterfly out of a dozen other designs.

Consider how you will wear your hair with the hair comb. A rhinestone or pearled butterfly hair comb would play up an updo perfectly. A large oversized butterfly hair comb would look perfect among a mess of curls or long locks.


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