Stepping out with Deliciously Sparkly Butler and Wilson Bags

Butler and Wilson has been synonymous with sparkling gems and oversized crystals for over 40 years, both in their jewellery and designer handbags. Celebrities such as Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, and Princess Diana have adored the collection of fantastic costume jewellery that made them famous. Now, the world adores the Butler and Wilson bags that are hitting the scene.

Fun Trendy Bags

Butler and Wilson bags are famous for their fantastically oversized jewels that catch the eye, just like their costume jewellery. A cute example is the PVC Jewelled Duck bag, adorned with rhinestones and gems covering a duck shaped purse with a detachable strap so you can carry or wear it on your shoulder.

Another fun design is the adorable Jewelled Panda head bag that also comes with a removable adjustable shoulder strap. However, if cute is not your thing then a gorgeous Jewelled Skull bag would go perfectly with you clubbing tonight.

Anything BUT Classic Clutches

The Clutch is a perfect way to dress up any formal or casual outfit, and Butler and Wilson bags add that perfect touch. The anything but classic clutches are fantastically unique and trendy. The Multi Skull Couture Clutch bag is a perfect example of this. Sparkling skulls cover the bag giving a quirky twist to any ensemble.

The extraordinary Peacock Feather clutch makes a statement no matter where you are. It has colour, class, and style written all over it. Of course, the gorgeous Swarovski Crystals Oval Filigree Clutch bag is another one of its kind in style and class.

Art Deco at a New Level

Butler and Wilson have never been afraid to go overboard in design because it works. Using the same approach with their designer handbags, they have found the right over-the-top designs that everyone is craving. Like their Heavily Jewelled Mirror Crystal Bag. A burst of colour with crystals everywhere.

However, we cannot overlook the Swarovski Crystal Heart Shape Flower Bag. This stunning bag offers fabulous colours in a heart and flower shaped bag. If anything is going to add dazzle to your night out, this little bag will.

Trendy and Now

Being in the fashion business means keeping up with the trends as well as creating new ones, as Butler and Wilson bags are proving. Taking pride in their background, they offer Union Jack designer handbags styles.

The amazing Union Jack design is shown in all its glamour and glory in a rectangular hard clutch, a heart shaped clutch bag, and a large square clutch bag. Three choices, one perfect design, countless nights of glamour and fashion.

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