Burton Ski Jackets in the UK - the lowdown

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With many companies and retailers having snow clearance sales, now is the best time to get you gear for the season ahead. Read on for some top advice on Burton ski jackets in the UK.

Burton is a world leading manufacturer and retailer of snowboards, boots, binding, jackets, pants and other protection. Burton has been designing ski jackets for almost 50 years and is among the best in the business. They have a specialised team making high quality products meaning that you get what you pay for.

Burton ski jackets are worn by some of the top snowboarders in the world including the legendary Shaun White. They currently have a White Collection of jackets with its fit and function tailored around his style. These jackets have a halo of waterproofing making them ideal for any outdoor or snow activity. The custom designed lining helps you keep warm (or warm) by moving moisture away from your body to regulate your temperature. Prices range from £80 to £300. The White collection also has jackets for women. These jackets have more insulation in the body and less in the sleeves allowing for ease of movement. Again prices range from around £100 to £300.

Where to get them

All major outdoor activity and snow sports retailers sell Burton ski jackets in the UK. Shops like Snow and Rock and T.S.A. often have the best range of jackets. The website www.burton.com has a full catalogue of their snow gear. They also have a shop locator helping you find the one closest to you. Amazon and eBay also sell Burton gear.

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