Burberry's 2013 Bowling bag collection

Burberry’s 2013 handbag collection is one of the coolest in town and their bowling bag line is one of the best that the luxury English fashion brand can offer.

The bowling bag is truly a classic style, and is spacious enough to carry all that you need during the day.

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Burberry handbags present not only impeccable craftsmanship and great attention to detail, but also beautiful colors to choose from, like the sophisticated and eye-catching red claret colored bag in the photo.

This particular model is made from 100% calf leather and is embellished with pin-studs, and features rolled leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap, and has a polished metal lock and key, inspired by vintage luggage.

Burberry continues with the same vintage inspired style, and offers the bags in studded patent London leather or textured metallic leather in elegant nuances, like pale or thistle grey.

Particularly stunning is the model in python which is crafted in Italy - like the majority of Burberry’s bags - and this one also features hand-painted edges.

For everyday use and work, we’d choose the much sturdier looking Orchard in heritage grain leather that comes in black and brown which are perfect for autumn and winter, while for summer we’d definitely pick the off white color, and the bag sizes are either small or medium.

Burberry wouldn’t be Burberry without its classic trademark and iconic tartan pattern, and you’ll find a number of bags featuring the distinctive and unique print, like the coated canvas Haymarket check bag with rich leather (calf leather and lambskin) panels and polished metal hardware and features colors like burnt amber, gold freesia and military red.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Burberry 2013 handbag collection - Photo Gallery

We particularly like the modern looking structured House check bowling bag with its polished bridle leather belts. The bag is made 100% cotton with a calf leather trim.

Prices range from £595.00 to £ 2,195.00 for the bag in python.

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