Burberry's 2013-2014 Fall and Winter puffer quilted coats and jackets

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Puffer and quilted coats and jackets are great solutions to keep warm when temperatures begin to plummet. Burberry has some fantastic models to choose from for this Fall and Winter 2013-2014.

The iconic British fashion label presents its new collection of puffer coats and jackets that are divided into two specific lines: London and Brit.

Both lines offer silhouettes that are tailored and streamlined, some are belted so it accentuates the feminine figure, so you won’t get that horrible Michelin man effect that makes you look bulky and unattractive like you are zipped into a sleeping bag.

Burberry has several style lengths to choose from for this 2013-2014 Fall and Winter: short jackets that stop at the top of the hip which is fresh and young looking, parka style thigh lengths, and longer coats that are slightly above the knee for women who need to feel extra warmth.

Several models are available in technical fabrics that are waterproof and perfect for those cold and rainy days. All of them have goose down fillings that may be more expensive, but definitely keeps you warmer than those cheaper polyester fillings.

PHOTO GALLERY: Burberry's 2013-2014 Fall and Winter puffer quilted coats and jackets

There are hooded puffer coats and jackets trimmed with real fur (farmed fox, rabbit or shearling lamb) that delicately frame your face and neck that can make you feel like a character from Anna Karenina or Doctor Zhivago.

The color palette for the puffer, quilted coats and jackets range from the classic and de rigueur black (that makes you look slimmer with the usual disappearing-silhouette concept) to other colors such as white, camel, brown, navy and even bold red and trendy new season nuances like deep purple amethyst and bright orange.

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