Burberry Creates Best Digital Buzz

A report just in has named Burberry the most buzzed about brand which is taking part in London Fashion Week, according to elle news.

A report tracing digital trends surrounding fashion brands has just been compiled by the data-based forecaster Editd which has revealed that the brand has stormed ahead as the most talked-about label in London. By analysing over 300,000 daily tweets and updates from Somerset House, Editd were able to ascertain that Burberry’s new digital innovations have secured the brand their place as the most buzzed-about label.

Burberry beat the competition through not only broadcasting their show via live stream and Facebook, but also tweeting every look as a model wore it down the runway from @Burberry and publishing live Instagram photos. And, in case that hadn’t created enough of an online presence, they made the acoustic soundtrack from their show available for download. All of these technical innovations just go to show that if you create a conversation then people will talk; according to Editd, Burberry’s digital strategy was tantamount to ‘a masterclass in digital marketing.’

‘Following this triumph, they easily topped our list of most-talked about fashion week designers. They’ve changed the fashion landscape and next season it will be telling to see who else has stepped up to the mark.’ Since Topshop, Unique, PPQ, Mulberry and Daks were all amongst the other top trends for LFW it looks as if they should be taking a few leaves out of Burberry’s book if they want to stay ahead of the game.

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