Have a hopping Halloween with a bunny fancy dress outfit!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to escape the dreariness of the banal and everyday and really escape into a world of fantasy, imagination and mystery.

It’s also the perfect time to surprise your friends and family with a stunning Halloween outfit that will make those heads turn from the moment you step into that party.

Rather than necessarily going for the ‘fear factor’ in your outfit, why not try working something a little more fun and sexy? A twist on the classic bunny outfit can be a flattering option and also gives you the chance to inject some of your own personality into your look.

For the real wow factor, try a twist on a ‘Playboy style’ bunny costume. The perfect place to start your search for bunny fancy dress will be online. A great ‘first port of call’ website will be Fancy Dress Costumes UK – www.fancydress-costumes.co.uk – which have some fantastically sexy Leg Avenue Bunny Costumes available, starting from just £24.95.

Why not try the ‘Cottontail Cutie’ or ‘Fever Pin Up’ bunny styles?On the Sparkling Strawberry website – www.sparklingstrawberry.com – there are some cute bunny fancy dress options such as the ‘Gangsta Bunny Girl’ costume which comes with strapless dress, ears, cuffs, collar and tail.

Or if you’re rather tone it down a notch, try the Playful Bunny Girl costume, available on the Fancy Dress Ball website – www.fancydressball.co.uk – for just £46.99.

Let’s face it – Halloween doesn’t have to be about look scary! These bunny outfits are guaranteed to flatter your curves, create a sexy silhouette and get his pulse racing.  So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

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