Where to buy a bumble bee fancy dress costume online

bumble bee fancy dress costume is perfect if you're attending an insect-themed fancy dress party, or other costume party. There are plenty of cute kids bumble bee fancy dress outfits on offer online. The look is also great for women, who can give the look a sexy twist if desired. Even guys need not feel self-conscious in a low-key bumble bee fancy dress costume. Let's take a look at where to find bumble bee fancy dress outfits online, to help you find the right dressing-up costume for you.

The bumble bee princess look is perfect for little girls who want a pretty fancy dress look, without opting for a classic fairy tale pink outfit. Party Delights (Partydelights.co.uk) has a beautiful bumble bee fancy dress for girls aged 4-6 years. Featuring a gorgeous dress with black silk-effect skirt and a black and yellow stripy body, the costume also comes with wings and a headpiece. Priced at just £14.99, this is a cheap and easy bumble bee fancy dress solution for younger girls.

The Online Fancy Dress Shop has some great fancy dress options for men and women alike. For ladies looking for a sexy take on this classic costume, there are a range of fab risqué fancy dress costumes available from the Online Fancy Dress Shop. Hot picks from this internet based dressing-up superstore include the Fever Reversible Ladybird and Bumble Bee Fancy Dress Costume. This sexy little black dress with yellow silk-effect stripes will ensure that you are the belle of the ball. With wings and a headpiece included, the Fever Reversible Bumble Bee Fancy Dress is all you need for a brilliant bumble bee look and is priced at just £22.46. Log on now to bag yourself a bargain.

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