Fashionable bulletproof clothing for kids

Bulletproof clothing is probably something you have never considered unless you’re in a high risk occupation or living amidst snipers and gunmen. However, with the recent wave of shootings using high-powered weapons, an American apparel company is marketing bulletproof clothing for kids sourced from the Caballero line of body armour.

The MC line for kids

Elite Sterling Security LLC is a Denver-based company selling bulletproof clothing in the US. To date, it is the only company in the country distributing the famous Miguel Caballero line of ballistic apparel.

  • The inspiration

Caballero started in the business of bulletproof clothing manufacturing in 1992 when he saw a weary officer took off his security vest. He thought of designing light bulletproof clothing offering the same level of protection. Armed with $10 as start-up capital, he designed and made his first bulletproof vest for a police officer. Today, the Caballero clothing company employs 180 employees and has branches in Bogota, Sao Paolo and Lima. It has also an international presence with authorised distributors all over the world. In the UK, bulletproof clothing from Caballero can be bought at Harrods.

The recent deadly shooting in Newton, Connecticut which claimed the lives of innocent children inspired Caballero, a Colombian designer, to come up with a collection of kids’ bulletproof clothing. He sells V-Bag, Puffer Kids, T-Shirt Kids and Safety Vest. The bulletproof t-shirt is made from durable polymer fibres. It’s a light garment that can be worn easily underneath a jacket. There are also jackets, safety vests and even rucksacks which can protect their wearers from bullets.

Caballero’s catalogue carries 500 products such as leather jackets, jeans jackets, military vests, sports jackets and coats. He has even a line of bulletproof clothing for animals.

  • Capability

Bulletproof clothing made by Caballero is capable of resisting bullets coming from a 9mm or a .347 Magnum. So how does wearing Caballero bullet-resistant garments compare to other brands? The chief operating officer of Elite Timothy Hogan says, "If you get shot wearing Kevlar, you'll fall down with a broken rib and feel like you want to vomit, but you will live. With ours, it feels like you've been hit with a water balloon." Kevlar is another supplier of bulletproof clothing.

  • Prices

The MC Kids line will cost from $200 to 400 depending on the size and type of clothing or accessory. For adults, a Caballero shirt costs $800 while a leather jacket is in the $3000 range.


Critics say the market for bulletproof clothing will not thrive since the odds of being shot are not high. It is not necessary to don a security vest and hence, demand will not grow. Many say it is better to educate people about guns in general and instill in children to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. These actions are sustainable and will pay off in the long run. In the meantime, bullet-resistant garments are there for those who need a little sense of security. Will you deny yourself or your children that protection for a shot at survival?

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