Bulgari's must-have handbag

If there is one thing that makes us smile on a cold, grey September afternoon, it is the simple thrill of a beautiful, colourful, totally unaffordable handbag. And that’s precisely what jewelery house Bulgari have presented to us this week, in the form of a new range of handbags by the one and only Matthew Williamson.

According to Vogue, Bulgari had been looking for a designer to create a hangbag line for the brand for some time but, being the mega luxury sort of folk that they are, they didn’t want just anyone. Enter Mr Williamson, who has design credentials coming out of his ear and a very keen eye for a nice bit of geometry, which also happens to be a key aesthetic for Bulgari.

The bags were unveiled at Milan Fashion Week and caused an instant stir with their eye-popping colours, patterns and bejeweled details. Vogue has called the collection ‘brilliant’ and raves that ‘every detail in each bag is precious—from the satin lining, to the snake silver chain straps, to the oversized jeweled closures’. We’re hoping that if we smile sweetly, bat our eyelids and maybe do all the washing up for a week, the nice Bulgari bosses might just pop one on the post…oooh go on.

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