Looking for Brown Thomas dresses? Look no further

Brown Thomas have dresses for all occasions and are to die for. They offer dresses that are unique and only for the very fashionable. Brown Thomas dresses can be seen on celebrities across Ireland and it's a favourite for those who want to go all out every once in awhile. So if you want to glam up your look and get the perfect prom dress then Brown Thomas has it all.

Not only will you will find the perfect dress but why not match it all up with a pair of designer shoes and handbag and then finish it all off with a M.A.C make over. There is no doubt that you will look a million dollars.

Brown Thomas has a wide collection of different styles by top class designers. Stepping into the shop you will instantly feel like a princess with labels surrounding you from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana.

Yes Brown Thomas has been known to be expensive but why not spoil yourself for once for the ultimate prom dress.  Brown Thomas can be easily found on Grafton Street in Dublin, Patrick Street in Cork, O’Connell Street Limerick and in the Eglinton Buildings in Galway City.

Also Brown Thomas have some unique dresses in their other store BT2, which is another must see shop when searching for a glamorous prom dress. These stores can be found in Blanchardstown, Grafton Street and Dundrum in Dublin. This store also offers magnificent dresses that are high up in the fashion business and holds names such as Chloe and Juicy Couture, so no matter what your style you are bound to find something to suit. Brown Thomas dresses are a must if you want to look elegant, chic and a million dollars on your prom night. This store has it all.

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