British Vogue signs code of conduct with models trade union

Last year all nineteen Vogue editorsfrom across the world made headlines when they created some guidelines regarding model health, trying to face the very thorny problem of eating disorders within the fashion industry and trying encourage a healthier approach to body image, and they published a six-point Heath initiative pledge regarding the issues.

Now the bible of the fashion industry, British Vogue has taken part of this initiative several steps forward, and will be the first major publication to have signed a ten -point code of conduct to also improve working conditions and the treatment of models, but with a trade union representing the models.

This new ethics code was signed between the models committee of UK entertainment trade union Equity (for professional performers and creative practitioners ) and the Condè Nast publication.

The ten basic points include: models hired by the fashion magazine will be provided with appropriate transport, will no longer be forced to work more than ten hours a day, and no more than five consecutive hours without a break, and will work in suitable temperatures for the clothes being modeled and will receive prompt payment for their work.

On shoots they will have time to eat, and will be provided with food and adequate bathroom facilities and will not take part in nude or semi-nude shoots, unless it has been approved in advance, and they can no longer be asked to do anything that they deem dangerous, degrading, unprofessional or demeaning.

The code also stipulates that models under the age of 16 cannot be used in photoshoots representing adult models (in the previous six-point pledge they said they would not knowingly use them).

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said: "Our support of the Equity code reinforces our continued commitment to set the benchmark for this important industry issue. We're very pleased that Equity is using its position in such a positive way."

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