Looking for some bright knits?

Knitwear is now more popular than it has ever been among the fashion conscious public of the United Kingdom, but did you know that there were many different kinds of bright knits available, with hugely varying styles and prices? We aim to simplify everything to do with bright coloured knitwear in order to make shopping for your wardrobe easier than ever.

What kind of fabric?

Simply deciding that you would like to add some bright knits to your wardrobe isnt' enough to help you make a reasonably informed decision about what to buy any more. With so many different styles and fabrics it is worth figuring out exactly what's on offer, and if it will suit your look.

The main kinds of knitwear available these days are cashmere, wool, cotton, alpaca and merino. With each fabric offering a completely different look and feel, it makes sense to get out into stores and see just how different each of them can be.

Which is right for you?

Some people prefer the durability and warmth of wool, especially when it starts to get into the colder months of the year. We recommend that anyone interested in long lasting and affordable outerwear takes a look at wool as their choice.

Cotton, in particular silk cotton, is one of the most popular synthetics available when it comes to knitwear. Due to the smooth and soft finish of the fabric, it is often deemed ideal for shirts or dressy occasions.

Cashmere is really only one for those you who like to splash out. Due to the fact that it takes so long to prepare, the cost of the fabric has sky-rocketed in the last few years. It will certainly provide you with some great options, and it looks fantastic in bright, bold colours, but for the most part it's something that people keep for special occasions.

The brighter the better?

So now that you have an idea of the kind of fabrics that are used when it comes to the most common forms of knitwear, it's helpful to have an idea of just what you can expect in terms of bright knits.

When it comes to heavier fabrics like wool, bright and bold colours can often fade, meaning that the more use you get out of your clothes, the more muted they will become.

If you want a long, vibrant life for your bright knits, we recommend looking at silk cotton spun items. The colours will remain bright and full of life for dozens of washes, and you can be certain that you're going to continue to look the part long after purchase!

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