Your guide to bridesmaid shoes

When it comes to bridesmaid shoes, many bridesmaids make a huge mistake. They neglect their personal style.

Every bridesmaid wants to look incredible, but don't pick wedding shoes just because they're beautiful. If you live in flats, you might feel wobbly in a high heel, and if you're a sandals gal, a wedge could leave you feeling clunky.

Bridesmaid shoes should complement your dress, but that doesn't mean you have to play it safe. A striking coloured heel can give a bridesmaid outfit a fun twist. If your dress is elaborate it's best to stick to block colours.

Wedding shoe types

  • A pump has a closed toe and back. It’s available in a huge range of materials and is considered a classic wedding shoe. The heel normally measures two to three inches. This is a safe option for all bridesmaids.
  • Open toe wedding shoes are a perfect choice for summer days and are a highly fashionable choice. Just make sure that you coordinate your toe polish with the other bridesmaids (if applicable)!
  • Mules are essentially backless pumps. They have been the wedding shoe of choice for hundreds of years. However, they're not very comfortable to dance in, so you might want to consider bringing a second pair of shoes for the reception.
  • Flats have become increasingly popular for bridesmaids - think Parisian chic. And there won't be any aching soles at the end of the night!

Whichever pair of shoes you opt for, make sure to break them in before the Big Day.


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