What to look for in bridesmaid dress hire

Choosing your bridesmaid dress can be difficult, particularly when you're opting for bridesmaid dress hire rather than buying or commissioning dresses. With a whole wedding to plan, it’s easy to overlook the important factors you need to consider when shopping for the bridesmaids.

However, getting the right dresses are absolutely crucial, and because rental selections are often relatively limited, it's important to be prepared for selecting the dresses. Consider these three points to help you decide what it is you're looking for in a bridesmaid dress.


The bridesmaid dress must complement the bride’s dress, both in style and colour. A pure white dress will look good with most colours, but if you’re wearing cream, stick to warm shades for your bridesmaids. If you’ve chosen a classic dress, look for elegant, timeless pieces; or if your dress is simple and modern, a cocktail style might work well for your bridesmaids. The bridesmaid dress should also complement the suits of the groomsmen. Consider having ties made of the same colour.


The time of year will dictate the fabric of the dress and could influence your colour choice. A floaty sunshine yellow dress could look a little ridiculous in winter! Matching the colour of the dress to the season is a classic look. Think cool colours for winter, brights for summer, fresh colours for spring and rust or plum in autumn.

The bridesmaid!

It’s important to consider the bridesmaid’s skin tone, shape and personal preference. She should feel comfortable and confident in her dress.


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