Bridesmaid colours 2015: trends and ideas

Hot off the catwalk, these are the bridesmaid colours ideas and trends to inspire your wedding in 2015.

    Micadew @Flickr

For Spring-Summer 2015, we're thinking gardens, flowers, sweetness, open air, beaches, and beautiful scenery: for these choices, pastel hues and bright shades are a natural complement.

A baby blue or celestial blue bridesmaid dress, long and dreamy, is the perfect complement to the bride's pure white, as well as the sandy beaches and deep blue sky of an exotic, tropical location. On the other hand, it is a vintage tone, coming back in trend, that well suits that dark browns and greys of a countryside wedding location.

If you prefer a harmony of contrast, choose a tangerine or watermelon pink hue: deep, warm, but at the same time bright and fun, this is a hot colour for Spring-Summer 2015: imagine a practical bridesmaid outfit, with a dominant hue of this funky orange-pink mashup, and how it would harmonise with ivory, cream and baby pink, and beautifully contrast and complete the green of garden and landscape.

For the colder months of Fall- Winter 2015-16 you will need deeper, heart warming tones like the very trendy raspberry: a lovely shade for any complexion, this colour is perfect for the bridesmaid dresses, especially the long, feminine, figure wrapping retro' style. In fact, it's a nuance that in itself is able to add a sophisticated touch to any look, and will enhance beautifully the champagne of the bride's gown, as well as standing out on a background of seasonal foliage.

Another choice of great class and style would be a pastel tone that, however light and soft, creates a perfectly warm effect that well suits the cold season: we are thinking camel, that beautifully neutral shade that is the traditional choice of more classic brides and, at the same time, a colour that can be opulent without the loudness. Perfect for a bridesmaid satin dress, a match in heaven if the bride'swhite gown is all about laces and pearls.

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